4L - Mini Diving Tank Package D40 Pak B + Full face mask
4L - Mini Diving Tank Package D40 Pak B + Full face mask
4L - Mini Diving Tank Package D40 Pak B + Full face mask

4L - Mini Diving Tank Package D40 Pak B + Full face mask

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Package list:

1* 4L Air Tank+Nickel-Plated Brass Breathing Head+Plastic Breathing Valve+Extension pressure gauge

1* Back belt

1* Full face diving mask

1* Refill adapter

1* Lifesaving bracelet

1* Carton hand bag


【4LDiving Tank Package】The D40-B incorporates improvements to the diving package, including bottle head first stage valves and pressure gauges, as well as pressure tubes,and added some configurations to enhance the diving experience.The total weight of It can be carried directly for short distances, and can be transported in the car if traveling.
【Bottle top valve】: The main material of D40-B bottle top valve is brass chrome plating, using vacuum color plating process, to improve the anti-seawater corrosion performance, and more beautiful appearance. The bottle valve has a low pressure interface, which can be connected to BCD or life jacket for better applicability. The air inlet adopts high precision filter core, which can filter particles over 5 microns.
【Pressure gauge and pressure tube】: D40-B scuba tank uses more stable pressure tube, which is made of PVC and butadiol mixture material. It can bear maximum pressure of 10MPa, and the internal pressure is only 0.8-1.2mpa in normal use. In order to make it easier to check the remaining air in the tank during the dive, we use an extended tube connection pressure gauge. You can fix the pressure gauge in the visual range to check at any time.
【More Convenient Scuba Tank】:The scuba cylinder is composed of four parts: tank body, regulator, extension pressure gauge and secondary valve (with medium pressure tube), and it can be used normally only by tightening the connection. We have equipped D40 gas cylinders with a special aluminum alloy outer box. You can also take the mini scuba tank on the plane as you would carry luggage (when the gas cylinder is split).
【Multiple Inflation Ways】The diving cylinder's inflation interface has a diameter of 8mm, maximum inflate pressure is3000Psi/200Bar/20Mpa. We have got EN250 certified, you can get inflated in most the scuba shop. If you have a electric pump, you can easily inflate for it yourself, but please make sure your electric pump could provide pressure no lower than 3000Psi/200Bar/20Mpa. Moreover, you can also inflate by scuba adapter.

4L - Mini Diving Tank Package D40 Pak B + Full face mask