1.0L Diving Air Tank with Breathing Head
1.0L Diving Air Tank with Breathing Head
1.0L Diving Air Tank with Breathing Head

1.0L Diving Air Tank with Breathing Head

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1.0L Diving Tank with Breathing Head

The package includes:

1 x 1L Diving Oxygen Tank

1 x First stage pressure reducing valve

1 x Medium pressure pipe

1 x Secondary breathing valve

1.[Easy to carry and use]:The operation is simple, the size is light, and there is no need to carry a large scuba, Let more people experience the fun of diving.You can bring it on the plane for easy travel.
2.[Long-lasting Breath]:The diving tank capacity is 1L, you can enjoy diving for up to 20 to 25minutes within 10 meters (33 feet). The specific duration varies from person to person.
3.[Keep ear pressure balance]: You can inhale and exhale naturally under water through your nose or mouth without worrying about the mask fogging. The soft silicone nose helps balance ear pressure and brings you a comfortable snorkeling experience.
4.[High Quality Diving Tank]: The tank is made of 6061 aviation aluminum, the surface adopt anti-oxidation coating material, which can better resist seawater corrosion and rust. The regulator equipped with a decompression chamber and an explosion-proof valve for higher safety; equipped with air switch, which can be turned off when not use to avoid air leak; equipped with pressure gauge to see the real-time pressure; the release valve is equipped in the breath valve, can easily release pressure.
5.[WHAT YOU WILL GET]: Perfect owner diving packages(include a 1L bottle and accessories). 24 hours services online.

1.0L Diving Air Tank with Breathing Head