What is CoolDivingThings?

CoolDivingThings offers a premium quality equipment for diving and underwater activities. With DEDEPU 0.5-1L mini tanks divers can extend the time of their shallow dives by about 5-20 minutes and then refill them with a portable pump. This equipment opens up a new horizon of underwater adventures that lies between snorkelling and scuba diving and combines advantages. This light and portable gear is suitable for beginners and it will significantly extend your underwater time and fun.


Is it safe to dive with CoolDivingThings?

CoolDivingThings distributes certified (CE – European safety and quality standard) high quality equipment manufactured by DEDEPU. This is a safe and reliable product but there are some risks associated with scuba diving and snorkelling that you must be aware of. This equipment is suitable for beginners but prior scuba diving experience is very desirable. The risks could cause serious injuries and be life threatening.

There are a few things you must accept before use the equipment.

  1. Read and fully understand the technical manuals
  2. Know the allowed limits and avoid misuse of the product
  3. Be aware of risks related to underwater activities and be able to manage these risks
  4. Check equipment every time before use and avoid using it if there is any sign of damage, defects, leakage, corrosion or performance failure.
  5. Never exceed the maximal allowed air pressure (3000 PSI) and never use any gases except unpolluted air.
  6. Mind your fitness level and medical condition, if necessary, consult with a medical specialist.
  7. By using this equipment, you fully accept responsibility for any consequent incidents, accidents, and damage. You accept that CoolDivingThings will not be liable for aforementioned events.


How long does delivery take?

Australia                 5-10 days

US                         3-10 days

UK, EU, Canada   7-10 days


How long can I stay underwater with 0.5 and 1 L tanks?

0.5L tank  - 5-10 minutes

1L tank -  8-15 minutes

Such factors as depth, individual gas consumption, and intensity of physical activity during a dive affect dive time significantly.