This mini scuba diving gear is simple to operate, and it is compact and light enough to take on a plane as hand luggage.

The gear is suitable for professional divers, fishermen, novice divers, amateur divers, firefighters and lifeguards. This product can be used as an underwater emergency backup, or as short-term diving equipment. You must have some knowledge and training on how to operate the gear safely and prior knowledge about diving risks and risk management is assumed. Scuba diving experience is not compulsory but very desirable. The gear should not be use as a substitution of scuba diving equipment and should not be operated beyond the specified limits.

The diving tank is made of aviation aluminium, and the surface of the diving tank is hardened, oxidized and sprayed. It has excellent corrosion and pressure resistance. It is equipped with a luminous pressure gauge, which is aiding diving safety. The diving tank pressure can be up to 20PMA/200BAR/3000PSI. The advanced silica gel respirator has a smooth texture and no odour.

This product has passed DOT certification and complies with international standards for diving equipment.